A Mother’s Heartbreak: How Scientology Destroyed My Family

“In this gut-wrenching story of anxiety, loss and steadfast love, the author shares her personal struggle to regain her relationship with her children severed by the Disconnection Policy of the church of Scientology.”

“As she discovered, she is not alone in her sad circumstance. Many other families have fallen victim to the manipulative powers of Scientology and its practices.”

“In the few brief encounters she had with her kids several years ago, they expressed a mutual deep love for their mom but the organization’s relentless hold on its members has clouded their vision of freedom of choice and understanding.”

“Lori Hodgson’s mission for this book is not only a happy reunion with her offspring, but to keep others from going through the same heartbreak.”

“When one loses a child through death, I know there is immense grieving and sorrow, but there is a time of fond memories too of the good times and eventually a time of closure. I too have those wonderful memories, but my heart will not release this heavy sorrow because I still have HOPE. The only thing that will bring me closure is to be able to hug my children once again and tell them, IN PERSON, how much I love them. That is my everlasting HOPE.”

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