Organization and "Front Group" names used by the TM movement

World Government of the Age of EnlightenmentWorld Plan Executive Council – U.S. (WPEC-US) – umbrellaInternational Meditation Society – listed on brochures as Educational Service of World Plan Executive Council”Students International Meditation Society American Association for Ideal Education – copyright holder on recent brochures (1991)Spiritual Regeneration Movement Foundation (1959)  PublishingAge of Enlightenment PressMIU Press Schools – Colleges ...

Salvation Road – 26-page teacher’s guide

“Salvation Road,” a play by Dolores Gregory, was performed at the New York University Steinhardt School of Educational Theatre on October 26 and November 4, 2012. Jonathan Jones, Program Administrator at Steinhardt, and Master’s student Leslee Meyers, created an informative and useful 26-page teacher’s guide for this play.